30 Years in Business

Since 1975, I have been practicing stained glass design.

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Take a look at some of my best work in the Gallery Room.

The stained glass window you put in lights up the whole living room.



This year marks the 30th year I have been practicing Stained Glass design.  Since 1975, having developed my artistic skills with the help from experienced artists and craftsmen, I continue to study this ancient art form.

My goal is to create works of art using the vibrancy of handmade glass to enhance architectural settings.  I use traditional techniques  and materials which may include kiln fired painting, enameling, silver staining, as well as acid etching.

I also work in the area of restoration. This might be a commission at a church or private residence.  There is a satisfaction that is achieved, in seeing a window restored to its original state.

The main body of my work has been in the area closely surrounding the Dallas area. Private custom homes have been the majority of my clients, along with churches, public buildings, restaurants and offices.  My appreciation of color combines with a versatile style of designing.  I am sensitive to the clients desires, leading to a mutually satisfying end result.

I am interested in using this website to promote my art and expand my work opportunities to not only include Texas, but the rest of the country.  I have a versatile team of artisans that can help us realize any project. Please contact me with your needs, large or small.






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  Stained Glass -
  The art of manipulating colored light within an architectural context. It is a technical art form in which the expressive elements of design are combined with the disciplines of a craft. The history of the medium is one of continual innovation based on the ancient tradition, exploring new approaches to the raw materials of colored glass, lead and light.






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