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Since 1975, I have been practicing stained glass design.

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Maintenance and Restoration of existing Stained Glass is good asset management

Your home is a valuable asset. In addition, your home is the center of your family’s life. In order for it to be put to its best use, it must be maintained and repaired. This includes the proper care of your stained glass windows.

Your windows are valuable and should not be allowed to deteriorate. Besides the substantial cost involved in their original purchase, they most likely have high sentimental value. They are an integral part of your home.

Money saved by not maintaining your stained glass windows is likely to be offset by increases in other expenses. For example, extensive heat loss and water damage from leaky windows, injury from broken glass and fragile panels and poor building security are all problems that can lead to higher operating expenses. Further, failure to care for your windows risks continued deterioration, reduces their contribution to daily homelike and causes greater disruption and expense during future repair.

Your stained glass does not have to be damaged before you should tend to it. A thorough evaluation should be made on a regular basis. Regular maintenance and repair can lengthen the life of these windows. However, when regular maintenance has been deferred, restoration of seriously damaged or dilapidated windows can actually provide another lifetime for them.

A superficial look at your windows is not sufficient to determine their condition. Even windows that appear to be in good shape may have hidden problems.

Steve Thompson can professionally analyze your windows to identify any existing problems and propose a solution for them. Our expertise provides you with an accurate assessment, alternatives for maintenance and conservation, and the costs associated with each option.

We are prepared to provide solutions to problems identified through the following kinds of questions.

The Glass
What is the extent of the broken glass?
What is the cause of the broken glass?
What is the condition of any painted glass?
Is the glass corroding?
Are there broken panes covered with tape, cardboard, wood or other temporary materials?

The Lead Matrix
Are there any gaps in the panel or glass popping out of the lead channel allowing daylight to come in?
Is the window wobbly or weak?
Are there broken solder joints or torn leads?
Is the lead weakening or corroding?
What is the condition of the putty under the lead flange?

The Support System
Are the tie wires or support bars still present and attached to the windows?
Are there bulges or waves in the window?
What are the causes of any bulges?
Are the support bars adequately attached to the frame?
Is additional reinforcement now needed?

Installation, Frames and Exterior Window Covering
What is the type and condition of the frames?
Should protective glazing or insulating glazing be installed?
Is existing exterior glazing causing any problems?
What is the condition of the caulk or p
utty holding the windows into the frames?
What is the condition of the sub-framing support of the frames?

Should previous repairs or restorations be upgraded?
Should the windows be cleaned?

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