30 Years in Business

Since 1975, I have been practicing stained glass design.

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Take a look at some of my best work in the Gallery Room.
  Client List

Steve Thompson's Stained Glass Company has many clients so we have placed 20 of our distinguished clients on our client list page.

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1. Larry Boerder Architects Dallas
2. Bob Clark Architect Dallas
3. Randy Clowdus Construction Dallas
4. Crowbar Constructors Dallas
5. Ralph Duesing Architect Dallas
6. Richard Drummond Davis Architect Dallas
7. Don & Sharon Henley Dallas
8. Sherry Hayslip & Assoc. Dallas
9. Bev Heil Interior Design Dallas
10. Jerry & Gene Jones Highland Park
11. Larry & Joyce Lacerte Dallas
12. Bob & Trudy Ladd Highland Park
13. Fred & Mary Ann Maese University Park
14. Monte & Mary Montgomery Highland Park
15. Kevin & Elizabeth Magee Highland Park
16. Brooks & Sherry Reed University Park
17. Steve & Marci Sands Highland Park
18. Smith Ekblad & Assoc. Dallas
19. John & Debi Tolleson University Park
20. Ben & Kathy Wallace University Park

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